The Talking Animals Short Stories

Short Stories (The Talking Animals #1) Book Cover Short Stories (The Talking Animals #1)
Armineh Helen Ohanian
April 4th 2011

“Wonderful fables for children. The talking animals has been used to help the fourth graders of East Quogue elementary school in NY with the analysis of Folk tales for their state Language, Art and Reading tests."

Armineh sent her first children’s story anonymously to Noor Jahan Presbyterian Magazine at the age of fifteen in Tehran. She impatiently waited for a whole month to see her story printed in the center page of the Noor Jahan Magazine. Armineh continued sending in more stories for a year, by merely signing her initials, before she was discovered and her stories published in a hardcover book. “The Talking Animals” has been used to help the fourth graders at East Quogue Elementary School in N.Y. with the analysis of folk tales for their State Language, Art and Reading test. Armineh has a novel called “Dreaming of America” also available through Amazon.

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