The Talking Animals Part 2: Magic

Magic (The Talking Animals #2) Book Cover Magic (The Talking Animals #2)
Armineh Helen Ohanian
July 1st 201

“Wonderful fables for children. The talking animals has been used to help the fourth graders of East Quogue elementary school in NY with the analysis of Folk tales for their state Language, Art and Reading tests."

Armineh Ohanian published the first edition of The Talking Animals in 2003. The same year she was invited to participate in a reading and book signing event at the SCOPE annual Long Island Family Reading Fun Festival. Her name appears in the BOCES Arts and Education catalogue for visiting authors and artists of Suffolk County schools. Armineh is also the author of Dreaming of America. She lives in Westhampton, NY with her husband and her three “talking cats.” The story is about the life and adventures of a black-and-white tuxedo cat called Magic, who is left behind when her family moves to a distant city. Magic is a sweet and friendly cat. She loves her seven-year old friend, Brandon with whom she plays and talks all day. When Magic becomes homeless, she is haunted by fierce raccoons and suffers hardship and starvation. One day when she is about to die, she dreams of a fairy who guides her to her new home. Once again luck smiles on her and she is blessed with loving owners. Magic lives with them happily for three years. Then she dies and goes to heaven. In heaven she is amazed to see how beasts and docile animals live in harmony side by side. Then…

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