Planet Heaven, An Exact Replica of Planet Earth…? | Stories of Life

IMG_1315_3Today is Easter Monday and I am filled with happiness because this holiday is about hope. The hope that life after death is  a possibility. I should stress that I am a romantic believer. I don’t know if I make sense.  I call my heaven, ‘Planet Heaven,’ an exact replica of earth, with all its different cultures and religions. I have written about my vision in “Looking For Georges Bizet on Planet Heaven.” Yes, what if after death we find ourselves on Planet Heaven, where we are able to travel around to different countries? What if we come across the same people whom we knew on Planet Earth? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to reunite with our lost loved ones? A Heaven where evildoers can be redeemed, simply by being taken to an organization called, ‘The Reform Center?



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