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Maulana Rumi, a thirteenth century Persian poet, in the prose below, categorizes us, humans, into groups of wise, knowledgeable, or ignorant personalities. Regrettably, it is impossible to interject its specific Farsi rhythm in its English translation. However, I have tried my best to project the real gist of its verses into English.

A well-informed soul, desiring to learn even more
Rises to the heights of glory and joy

A knowledgeable person, well aware of such a gift
Resembles a man galloping his noble horse beyond the rolling globe

A being endowed with knowledge, unaware of this blessing
Is like someone who remains thirsty, despite abiding by a pitcher brimming with water

A person without knowledge, well aware of it
Will surely arrive home even riding on a lame and limping mule

A being with no knowledge, wishing to really learn
Liberates the soul and the body from everlasting oblivion

An uninformed person, unaware of such a misfortune
Will naturally remain in perpetual darkness

Ignorant people who do not care whether they are or are not
Are non but beasts, unworthy of occupying our world

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