Looking for Georges Bizet on Planet Heaven

Looking for Georges Bizet on planet Heaven Book Cover Looking for Georges Bizet on planet Heaven
Armineh Helen Ohanian
Science Fiction & Fantasy
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June 30th 2015

“Inspiring, light-hearted fantasy novel. Great for the soul
Planet Heaven, a total replica of Earth where I can choose where to live, travel at the speed of light, meet my long gone relatives, friends, pets and look forward to seeing my loved ones when their turn comes. This book's description of Planet Heaven is chicken soup for the soul!"

What if after death, we find ourselves on a planet that is the exact replica of Heaven?

Let’s call it Planet Heaven. On this planet, there would be seven continents and the same countries as on our own planet. Up there, we would move at the speed of light and come across all the people that we know here on Earth. Yes, it’s a place of goodness, but even there, evil lurks in the dark corners. That’s were Martha finds herself after attending her own funeral. On Planet Heaven, accompanied by her uncle and her childhood pet, a witty German shepherd, she sets out to find Gorges Bizet, the nineteenth-century French composer who died young after his opera Carmen was mercilessly trashed by critics on its opening night. Martha wants to bring Bizet news of his great fame after his death, as well as to let him know how Carmen has become one of the most popular operas on Earth. Little does Martha know that she is about to dive head-first into the mysterious and risky adventure.

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