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Now, I know what my mother meant when she told me many years back, “If only I had my today’s wisdom, I would have been a much happier person during my youth.”

The other thing that she also said, was, “I have gone through so much in life that, even if someone were to shoot me, I wouldn’t feel the bullet pain anymore.”  “Besides,” she added. “Now, I don’t take things, which are banal and unimportant seriously … Yes, all those things that used to hurt me before.”

Come to think of it, she was so right. It is the same with me today. Subjects that in the past used to hurt me; especially those concerning my and my husband’s relationship – now seem ridiculous to me. Today, I tend to dismiss  all our stupid disagreements easily; while during my youth it was totally the opposite. Indeed, at present time, all those old, so called, ”bullets” don’t hurt me anymore. Is it because I have become thick-skinned, having gone through certain difficulties? Or maybe the wise words in the verses of Ecclesiastes in the Bible prove the vanity of such problems?   In other words, have I figured out that “under the sun,” such difficulties are like dust in the wind?



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