The Little Devil | Stories of Life

My daughter – let’s call her, ‘Emilia’ – had an important business meeting. She went out to get herself a new suit to wear for that special occasion. When Emilia got home smiling contentedly feeling proud of her shopping success, we all realized that the little electronic alarm tag had not been removed. What a shame, she could not wear the new suit to that special event. I wondered how she had managed to leave the store without being stopped by someone in order to have the bag checked for shoplifting. Emilia said that the tag had indeed triggered the alarm in the exit door, as she had tried to leave. However, the sales girl had simply waved her through. The same thing happened to me a few years back. You can’t for a minute imagine how annoying that disgusting little device was. You felt like blocking your ears tightly with your hands and yelling. Luckily, my husband managed to take the buzzer off the garment for me. So, I did not have to return to the store to have it removed. However, when I threw the nasty beeping tag into the garbage can, it did not stop busting our ears. The only thing I thought I could do was to dump it into the flower bed right by our tennis court. Do you think it would stop for a second to give our poor ears some rest? No such luck…!it kept ringing on and on… Fortunately, we were mostly
indoors. Meanwhile, when my friends and I played tennis, it really drove us crazy. I was hoping that the inbuilt electronic buzzing device would soon die off. such luck. one day, having driven us crazy, my friends and I decided to kill the damn thing for good. Yes, we buried it deeply into the soil. And yes. We murdered the devil for good, as we hid it inside its grave.

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