The Cursed Apple | Stories of Life

Suddenly, the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” flashed in my mind. “So,” I told myself, “In that case, doctors must hate the cursed apple.”
Indeed, don’t they detest all the natural cures and remedies that certain people use, instead of submitting to their beloved prescription drugs? I, personally, have the same problem with my different doctors. I tell my primary care doctor that the two BP medications he has subscribed, don’t help me much. “Instead,” I continue, “a glass of vodka martini, or a glass of raw beet juice, bring my blood pressure down nicely.”
He protests, “Nonsense! This is nothing but, your imagination. I am a hundred percent sure that it must be the blood pressure medication that does the trick.”
Well, what can I tell you! I swear that for me, natural remedies such as, for example, eating sweet apples to help with my acid reflux, or drinking tea with apple cider vinegar and honey – for the same ailment – are really effective. Honestly, I am not lying. Of course, I know that for many other problems, I do need prescription drugs.

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