STORIE OF LIFE – Good News About My Book

The second edition of my book “The Apple Tree Blossoms in The Fall,” will shortly be available on Amazon again. Below, I am posting a small portion of one of the beginning chapters:


Vacating our magnificent house was not a happy occasion for us, especially on a gorgeous sunny spring day, particularly on another Iranian New Year…on the first day of spring when Father had died just one year ago.

Our garden, or rather the new owner’s garden, had suddenly awakened after a long, bitter winter. God had once again used His magic wand to adorn the fruit trees with white and pink cherry and almond blossoms. With the tip of His heavenly brush, He had tinted the leaves of the chestnut, willow, birch, and pine trees with a bright green hue.
That morning, as the birds carried out their joyful spring concert among the newborn branches, their soloist, the nightingale, performed a melancholy song. Maybe she is sad to see us leave, I thought! Turning back during one of my trips to the new quarter, I looked enviously at the blessed garden where I had spent the happiest moments of my life with our gardener, Ahmad. As I got lost in my reverie, I envisaged Father’s smiling face and smartly dressed slim body. He waved at me and nodded reassuringly. I think he was urging me on, to proceed bravely into our new life. He beckoned me to step into the unknown vacuum of my future with a firm gait. I smiled back at him and nodded as well. Then, as I prepared to go my way, carrying my dolls and toys, he vanished into my past.

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