Life After Death | Stories of Life

A few days earlier, I had gone speed walking at our new compound. We sold our previous house, and moved to Jamesport on Long Island, NY. I love this area. When you drive around the neighborhood, you come across numerous wineries, as well as myriad fields of corn, sunflower, apple orchards, tomatoes , and different other vegetables. In a way it reminds me of the Haute Savoi region in France, where we lived years back.

As I walked, I admired my surroundings tremendously. I told myself that this looks like ‘Heaven.’ Yes, like my kind of ‘Heaven,’ where life is beautiful. Where it resembles the earth. I have described this type of special Heaven, in one of my books called, “Looking For George Bizet on Planet Heaven.” A Heaven which is the replica of earth, with the same continents and all… I know I am crazy, but when I die, I want for this lovely and exciting life, the beautiful views, and happiness to continue. That’s right…! And that’s how I have depicted life in “Looking for Georges Bizet on Planet Heaven.” I believe God is kind and loving. I am certain that contrary to our different religious beliefs, He is not there to punish us, nor to burn us in everlasting fires of hell. On the contrary He is there to forgive, and bring the good out in us. What’s wrong in dreaming about my type of a Heaven. What’s wrong in believing in life after life… Especially my type of optimistic Heaven and life. No hell… no punishment. Simply forgiveness and goodness, filled with happiness.

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