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A few years back, when my husband was working for a major US firm, he took me along on most of his business trips. We traveled to different countries all over the world.
During such a trip, on a hot summer afternoon, my husband and I, flew from London to Hong Kong. At the airport, having gone through passport control, we headed toward the luggage claim department. To get there, we sauntered through the bright and shiny airport arrival hall, with its elegant designer stores of hand bag, clothing, perfume, and different others. And, as we proceeded, suddenly, from the corner of my right eye, I noticed something black – as big as a mouse – following me behind. Awe-stricken, I turned back. Upon seeing a huge, black and shiny bug, I yelled on top of my voice. My husband, also turned around to find out the reason for my panic.
“Stop it!” he said shaking his head. “It is only a cockroach!”
“What? You are joking!” I protested and looked closer at the so called ‘cockroach.’
Indeed, I had never in my whole life come across such an immense bug. It was truly the size of a mouse. Besides, why was it following me so unwaveringly and not others, I wondered?
While all this was happening, two young and pretty Chinese sales girls, covering their mouths with their hands, and began laughing at me heartily. I looked at them with disgust. How could they laugh at a scared woman?
Funnily, the moment, the girls began laughing at me; the huge cockroach turned around and rushed towards them. I was so happy to be left alone.
In no time, the girls’ laughter turned into screams of desperation. Now, it was my turn to laugh at the situation.
Up to this day, I wonder if the unusually large cockroach was somebody’s trained, lost pet.

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