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Some say cats are stupid. At least that’s what my husband claims. Who knows, maybe he is teasing me, knowing how much I love and admire my lovely Fantast. We have three other cats, but my favorite one – my friend – is none other, than Fantast. What I like the most about him is that he communicates with me. I often find myself speaking with him, just the way one would with a human. And please believe me when I say he responds to me with his eyes and jesters. For example, this morning, when I woke up, I found him sitting by our bedroom door staring at me with big wide opened eyes. Normally, every morning, my daughter feeds all four cats, before I wake up.

I asked Fantast, “What is it? What do you want?”

He kept staring at me without budging. Again I demanded, “What do you want? Don’t tell me you haven’t had your food yet.”

The moment I mentioned the word ‘food,’ he turned around and zoomed toward the kitchen. I followed him and found that all the other cats were patiently waiting for me in the kitchen. Then, they all rushed toward the fridge. Yes, sure enough, the cats were all hungry. They had sent their envoi to fetch me. What do you call these cute creatures if not “The Talking Animals” – like the tales in my children’s story books?

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