STORIES OF LIFE – The First Dance

Permalink: The first-time Helen danced at a formal party, was when she was sixteen. That day, Helen was wearing her white, tight mini skirt… Read more

STORIES OF LIFE – Jean-Michel-Basquiat on Planet Heaven

Permalink: When I ponder about Jean-Michel Basquiat’s fate, I cannot help, but to think about Georges Bizet, a 19th-century French composer. They both died… Read more

Wisdom | Stories of Life

Now, I know what my mother meant when she told me many years back, “If only I had my today’s wisdom, I would have been a much… Read more

Raising Your Children | Stories of Life

“Mom.” Peggy’s seven-year-old son said, “Can you come down to the garden and tell Philip to leave me alone?” “What does he do?” she asked.… Read more

The Armenian Genocide: A Story of A Survivor | Stories of Life

“Come, grab a chair and place yourself next to me,” said my daughter-in-law’s charming grandfather, as he sat by the window staring across the street.… Read more

A German Doctor | Stories of Life

I was in my twenties when my husband, and I moved to the German village of Oberammergau for two years. For me, the big change… Read more

Stories of Life

Permalink: I was in my twenties when my husband, and I moved to the German village of Oberammergau for two years. For me, the… Read more

Brave and Loyal | Stories of Life

Sophie, a woman, in her late twenties, together with her husband, and their two children, left Iran a few months before the start of the… Read more

The Everlasting Heroes | Stories of Life

About two weeks earlier, it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. That morning, as I drove to the sports club to play tennis, I listened… Read more

A Sweet Surprise | Stories of Life

In 1976, for the second time within less than two years, Valerie accompanied her husband, Alain, to Tel Aviv on one of his business trips.… Read more

Oberammergau | Stories of Life

In October, Armand, a young Armenian fellow together with his wife, Aida and their baby girl, Talin, arrived from Tehran to Oberammergau, Germany. Already that… Read more

Wise Words | Stories of Life

My mother-in-law, Emily, loved to talk about her own deceased mother-in-law, Sonia, who she claimed taught her many valuable and practical lessons in life. One… Read more

A Funny Incident | Stories of Life

A few years back, when my husband was working for a major US firm, he took me along on most of his business trips. We… Read more

A Funny Incident | Stories of Life

A few years back, when my husband was working for a major US firm, he took me along on most of his business trips. We… Read more

Ghost Writers | Stories of Life

A few years back, during a book signing event at East Hampton Library, something interesting happened. As I sat quietly behind my table, piled by… Read more

A Caring Boy | Stories of Life

Two days earlier, my daughter and her eleven-year-old son were strolling leisurely on 5th Ave. The crowd on the two sidewalks was dense, as usual,… Read more

Reminiscing Past Life in Iran | Stories of Life[huge_it_share] STORIES OF LIFE – Reminiscing Past Life in Iran Yesterday, on BBC News I heard about the dire fate of a Christian woman in… Read more

Watch Out: Life in Iran During the Shah’s Reign | Stories of Life

Two weeks earlier, I blogged about me taking a well-known Iranian singer to the recording studio, when I worked at CBS Records in Tehran. In… Read more

9/11 Chapter from The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall | Stories of Life

Chapter 72 NINE ELEVEN September 11, 2001 It was 9-11, an unforgettable day. It was the day, when the majestic Twin Towers tumbled down like… Read more

The Miracle! | Stories of Life

In 1974, we returned to Tehran from Geneva, Switzerland for only three years. I have such good memories of those days, mainly, because of my… Read more

Life After Death | Stories of Life

A few days earlier, I had gone speed walking at our new compound. We sold our previous house, and moved to Jamesport on Long Island,… Read more

Destiny: A Poem | Stories of Life

STORIES OF LIFE Destiny Are you listening to me? Life is a miracle My computer is a miracle Which allows my fingertips To connect me… Read more

Rumi: A Persian Poet | Stories of Life

I love ancient Persian poets. They were all so wise. A while back I translated one of his poems about knowledge. I found this small… Read more

The Cursed Apple | Stories of Life

Suddenly, the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” flashed in my mind. “So,” I told myself, “In that case, doctors must hate… Read more

A Miracle | Stories of Life

All my life, I have been horrified of mice. Honestly, a snake or a crocodile, and even a tiger, do not scare me as much… Read more

Maulana Rumi | Stories of Life

Maulana Rumi, a thirteenth century Persian poet, in the prose below, categorizes us, humans, into groups of wise, knowledgeable, or ignorant personalities. Regrettably, it is… Read more

The Little Devil | Stories of Life

My daughter – let’s call her, ‘Emilia’ – had an important business meeting. She went out to get herself a new suit to wear for… Read more

Losing One’s Faith | Stories of Life

Has it ever happened to you to question your faith? Do you sometimes ask yourself if most of the religious dogma is nothing but man made? I… Read more

Miss Doolittle: The True Engine Behind My Career | Stories of Life

I sometimes wonder what made me an author. Yes, I do know that I am blessed with the gift of writing. However, let me stress… Read more

Cats Are Not Stupid | Stories of Life

Some say cats are stupid. At least that’s what my husband claims. Who knows, maybe he is teasing me, knowing how much I love and… Read more

Cats to the Rescue | Stories of Life

Rats had made life impossible for people in Chicago until cats came to their rescue. Cats are now the most valued employees in some rat… Read more

Happy Birthday Vincent van Gogh! Born March 30, 1853 | Stories of Life

Dear Vincent, I wonder if you are celebrating your birthday in Heaven today! I hope so and I hope you are famous in Heaven. Unfortunately,… Read more

Planet Heaven, An Exact Replica of Planet Earth…? | Stories of Life

Today is Easter Monday and I am filled with happiness because this holiday is about hope. The hope that life after death is  a possibility.… Read more

Who are Armenians? | Stories of Life

Title: The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall   A lot of people ask me where I am from. I am American, originally Armenian and… Read more

Fruit Trees in City Streets Feed the Homeless | Stories of Life

I read somewhere that the trees planted on the city’s sidewalks should be replaced with fruit trees, so that the homeless have something to eat… Read more