STORIES OF LIFE – The First Dance


The first-time Helen danced at a formal party, was when she was sixteen. That day, Helen was wearing her white, tight mini skirt and short-sleeved yellow décolleté top. She had her brand- new pair of beige stiletto high-heeled shoes on and wore her long, brunet hair in a ponytail. As Helen sat in a white armchair looking at the crowd through her sleepy green eyes, she could tell that she looked pretty, because of the way, boys at the party eyed her.

Helen’s attended the party with her cousin, George. However, the moment they arrived, George left her sitting by herself and hurried away to socialize with his friends. Unfortunately, Helen knew none of the youth there. Thus, as she sipped her orange juice, observing the young crowd dancing happily to the rhythm of rock’n roll music, she noticed a dark haired, handsome young fellow walking toward her. Helen, immediately looked away; pretending she did not notice him. The young fellow, meanwhile, approached Helen and bowed to her politely, saying, “Hello, Miss. I’m Rueben. May I have the pleasure of this dance?”

Helen looked up at his dark eyes and hair approvingly and smiled, while taking her time in getting up to her feet. Reuben, smiled, grabbed hold of her hand, and pulled her into his arms. Then in no time they began twisting and turning their bodies to the fun tune of tango.

Right from the start, Helen enjoyed dancing with Reuben immensely. It felt like she had known him all her life. She thought to herself that not only was he an extremely good-looking fellow, but also an excellent dancer. Few in the crowd at the party knew how to dance Tango. For that reason, they seemed to be the stars on the dance floor. The next dance was also a Tango. So, they continued dancing.

Helen really liked Reuben’s personality, who conversed with her with full confidence. What she liked the most about him, was that he was not shy like other boys, who stared at her, but never dared to approach and talk with her. And, if they did overcome their lack of self-confidence, they did not know what to talk about. They stood by her side and simply smiled. Helen hated it. In fact, she sometimes felt like slapping them hard. The other thing, which she despised about shy boys, was that they would follow her like a shadow from her school all the way to her house, without mustering the courage to approach her, introduce themselves, and invite her for a date. Thankfully, Reuben was totally different. And, for that same reason Helen’s experience of her first dance at that formal party was going to be hacked into her memory for the rest of her life.


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